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Housing Offers Students Off-Campus Living Under Master Lease

July 19, 2010

Housing Services has offered some students the opportunity to live off-campus under a master lease organized by the University at the Cloisters Apartments, an apartment complex popular with students and located less than a mile from the University.

“Housing Services has obtained a limited number of units and anticipates that these will be requested very quickly,” said Kyle Wilkie, coordinator of assignments and marketing for University Housing Services in an e-mail.

Students are being offered a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment at a room rate of $3,535 per semester, less than the semester rates for similar on-campus housing, which cost more than $4,500 per semester. Student residents are also only responsible for their own room charge and not another roommates rent.

The cost for a 1000 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in the Cloisters, a housing community run by the Horning Brothers building firm, usually costs between $1,700- 1,800 a month. Leases are also available for 3 – 12 months at a time.

Students will receive one charge for housing to their student accounts which will include rent and utlities.

Students will be able to live in the apartments from August 9 to May 23rd without interruption and all Univeristy Housing rules apply.

Housing said in the email that they will keep “all roommate groups intact.”

In March, students were dissatisfied with the housing lottery and many students were left without housing or had to switch roommate groups.

On-campus housing will be different this year, as the Southside campus is being developed and traditional houses freshmen. Freshmen will be Flather, Regan, Ryan and CV.

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