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Saturday Night at the Opera

March 29, 2010

Perhaps the name of the music school’s opera last weekend kept you away, but it turns out Die Fledermaus (which translates to “The Bat” in
German) is actually performed in English. This comes as a great relief to audience members who find it difficult to follow the music and activity on stage while trying to keep up with the translating supertitles.

Luckily, however, this did not eradicate the use of supertitles all together. Though perhaps green was not the best color choice, they come in handy for those moments when the actors’ diction
fails. Sadly, these moments seemed synonymous with whatever technical difficulty hindered the accuracy of the projector.

Act I sets up the show with a series of deceptions orchestrated by the clever Dr. Falke, (played by Alexander Indelicato) who seeks to gain revenge on his good friend Von Eisenstein (played by Eric
Gramatges) for an embarrassing practical joke that resulted in Falke waking up in the middle of town dressed as a bat (hence the show’s title). Through a series of amusing manipulations Falke manages to get Von Eisenstein, his wife Rosalinde (Ashley Alden), and his maid Adele (Danielle Lozano) to attend Prince Orlofsky’s ball in disguise.

Act II finds the full cast at the party enjoying themselves. Here the plot thickens with more deception and some sexual tension. Sadly, this act dragged considerably toward the middle and one found oneself wishing the second intermission would come sooner. More annoying, however, is the fact that you walk away with The Laughing Song deeply engrained in your head and find yourself “ha, ha, ha”-ing for the rest of the evening.

The third act opens in a fit of morning-after comedy that effectively causes the audience to forgive the former drudgery. The story unfolds
in the prison office as each of the characters try to resolve their deception without embarrassment. However Falke steps in to reveal his scheme to the amusement of all but poor Von Eisenstein, the butt
of his friend’s joke.

This show was certainly worth the price. What the performers lack in acting ability, they make up for musically, and with all the deception, sexual tension, humor, and drunken nonsense, what more could you ask for on a Saturday night? So, to the cast of Die Fledermaus, thank you. How delightful, ha, ha, ha; you amuse me ha, ha, ha.

Originally published in the March 26 issue of The Tower.

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