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Campus MovieFest Showcases Student Talent

March 23, 2010

Once a year there is an overwhelming rush of creativity on CUA’s campus. Students can be seen wandering wildly around school, in silly costumes and rehearsing irreverent dialogue as their friends film them. What auses this rash of filming? What spurs on these budding Speilbergs and Swanks? Why, it’s Campus MovieFest of course.

Campus Moviefest is an international film festival sponsored each year by AT&T. For one week any interested student is allowed to borrow equipment and create one 5-minute film, from the writing, directing, filming, and editing. The equipment is the same for each student and is provided by the traveling CMF staff. The finished products are then judged by members of the faculty and students, along with CMF staff members.

The films that win, including the winners for Best Picture, Best Drama, best comedy and the wildcard then go on to the next stage of competition. Those pictures this year ranged from the Best Picture winner There’s a Monster in the Closet (written and directed by Max Thomas and Suzana Dawyot) to the Best Comedy With The Fishes (written and directed by Stuart Nygard).

Senior Julie Ehrman who was a winner this year for her work on The Dark Admirer (Best Drama) explains that the real high point of the competition is the end. “Personally, my favorite part of the event is the finale.” Ehrman says “Getting to see what other students created is such a great experience.” Another student commented on her enjoyment of the filming process, which although exhausting was always rewarding. Christina Wolfgram, cast member in The Dark Admirer explains “There were no surprises; we all knew exactly what we
had to do to make the movie happen in the short amount of time that we had. We shot the whole thing in less than 24 hours, starting at 6 on a Thursday night and ending around 10 am the next day.”

The next step for these winners is the regional competition in New York City on May 1st. But as the CMF website says, that’s only the next step. “Movies from each school move on to the regional and international grand finales with even bigger prizes and more community-wide attention… maybe even at Cannes, on AT&T mobile phones or
in-flight on Virgin America.”

All of the CUA films can be watched on the website at www.

Originally published in the March 19 issue of The Tower.

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